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join hundreds of earthly humans connecting through a safe microdosing process. 

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why earthly?

safe application

The Earthly Microdosing Application is modelled after genuine medical intake forms. When you apply for microdosing, all your information is kept private and safe, due to our fully compliant, fully secure database.

trusted experts

We work directly with Psychedelic Experts & Guides that are highly experienced. Furthermore, they personally screen each applicant, ensuring above all, a safe and thorough approval of qualified individuals.

the earthly community

We support you on your microdosing journey with educational materials, 1-on-1 communication, and give you a key to Earthly's anonymous online community of microdosers - where members share their experiences, methods, results and all kinds of earthly things.

the world is catching on

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Earthly is a Canadian based research and advocation group. Our goal is to contribute to the research conducted globally on microdosing and its health benefits. Our vision is to accelerate the movement toward a legal and regulated practice. Ultimately, we want healthy, happy humans in Canada and the rest of the world, doing earthly things with earthly medicines.

If you’d like to get in touch with our team and learn more about us, you may contact us at hello@earthlymicrodosing.com